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What are the Top 3 Prizes You Could Win in a Raffle?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

You will all have heard about houses you can win in raffles, but did you know there are a load of other prizes available?

So before you purchase a raffle ticket, you are going to need to decide what you want to win.

From cars to cash, Prada Bags to 4* Mexican holidays it's a minefield of fun out there. Check out below our top three prizes you could win (aside from houses!) and how much your raffle ticket could get you…

FERRARI 488 GTB on Elite Prizes website
This Epic Supercar is up for grabs on eliteprizes.com from £49.99

Top 3 Prizes Won In Raffles (Other than Houses!)


Most of us would jump at the chance to be able to drive around in cars such as a Mercedes G-Wagon or RS3, but the price point remains out of grasp...unless it's in a raffle.

G Wagon win on BOTB raffle
A beastly G Wagon available to win on BOTB

From as little as £20 per ticket you could win a Golf GTI DSG. This epic little beast has a retail value of £26 695, some insane moves and A LOT of street cred.

Ever seen a Mercedes G-Wagon cruse past you on the motorway and wondered how much it costs? Well your looking at a cool £140,000 to £156,000 if it is one of the limited-run First Edition models. But, if you have that lucky raffle ticket then you're looking at a grand sum of £37, yes you read right - £37.


Not all of us want the responsibility of a house, let face it no-one likes electricity bills, council tax or moving. Sometimes we just want a break away from it all. Somewhere hot, luxurious and, well cheap ideally. You don't normally hear those words in the same sentence but with raffles now offering holidays you can.

holiday raffle win a holiday to Maldives bnget
Win an all inclusive holiday staying in your own villa with your own chef on BnGet

How does a Luxury 5* all inclusive holiday in the Maldives for £5 sound? It's a whopping £14.99 less than a Dominos mega mix, cheaper than 4 McDonald Quarter Pounders and basically just all round awesome.


Remember when your parents used to say that cash doesn't grow on trees? Yeah well, we hate to break it to you - it actually doesn't.

elite prizes raffle competition win money cash
Cash money for the taking on Elite Prizes

But you know that spare £6 jangling around in your pocket, well what if that could make you £2000.

There's no need to start staying up until 3am studying day trading to try your luck on the stock markets or buying £6 worth of tuck sweets and gradually growing an empire. Your £6 could buy you the raffle ticket that gives you 33000%* return on investment!

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