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Raffle Company Asks Players To Pick The Car They Want to Win

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Founder of Supercars of London took over Elite Prizes Instagram for the day to ask Raffle fans what supercar they wanted to win.

Paul Wallace, founder of supercars London asks Raffle players what supercar they wanted to win.

Yes the choice is in your hands. So take a moment, sit back in the sofa and take a think about what car you would want to drive?

Paul Wallace Supercars of London
Paul Wallace Vlogging asking fans what car they'd like to win

The team here obviously got over excited about this so we did our own little raffle to give you a bit of inspiration here is the top 5 that got picked:

Ferrari 812

Do this iconic brand had to make the top 5, so much so it's first … because well it's the fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet <mic drop>.

Designed to give drivers not only benchmark performance but also the most riveting experience, with a top speed of 211 it's the most powerful natural aspirated production car engine ever made according to the engineers who made it. Shift into the 12th dimension… or just slide into the driving seat and cruse - your choice.

Where would be the first place you drove to in this bad boy is you won it in the raffle?

Aston Martin ONE-77

For you petrol heads out there you will know that this is a limited production British super car.

In-fact it's so limited there were only 77 ever produced. It features a massive 7.3 V12 engine and accelerates from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Top speed 220pmg - making it the 10th fastest car IN THE WORLD!

Due to its limited qualities this isn't only just an awesome car to drive, but an epic investment. Try telling your wife that, we are sure she will understand…maybe.

McLaren F1

Yes one of the greatest cars ever built, legit.

Not only a super sleek head turner, but with a mind blowing top speed of 241 mpg it more than deserves the opportunity to appear in an elite competition raffle!

Koenigsess Agera R

First things first - you don't need to be able to pronounce this cars name correctly to drive it.

This beast came to be known as the fastest production car in history, shattering all the top speed records in 2017. This hypercar features a 5.0L turbocharged V8 engine, which can hit a top speed of…wait for it…273 mpg.

Yeah - it's the fastest car in the world and it could be yours…all yours without having to sell your home, all earthly possessions and your soul. Although we can't promise this little devil won't take it.

MGB- Racing Green

So to the member of our team who loves classic cars, ok we will give you this one, just based on the precise specifications you have obviously been dreaming about this for a long time!

The 1967 MGB roadster with heritage shell, chrome wire wheels, moto-lita steering wheel, mud flaps all round and tonneau cover. This beauty even comes with a fully carpeted boot. Ok so although the MGB is not going to get those speed demons among you hot around the proverbial collar - you have to admit it is an all-time English classic.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a wicket picnic basket… but it is racing green. Jessie made sure to underline that point (yes we know who you are, and you have been named!)

So what do you think?

Any of these take your fancy for the raffle? How much would you price each ticket? And are there any we have left off?

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